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Aug 14, 2017

Episode 101 features the first part of our August listener-directed Q&A podcast. Join Phil Baker and BDK as they answer your questions on a wide variety of Biblical topics. We open the virtual listener mail bag and cover such questions as: What does the Bible say about the lake of fire? Is the doctrine of annihilation a Biblical one or will people suffer forever in Hell? What did the early Church teach about Hell and the afterlife? Is Ecclesiastes 9:5 teaching the dead will be erased from memory? What is the Emergent Church movement about? Do certain Bible translations promote unbiblical doctrines such as homosexuality and universalism? Is it wrong to interact with people in our culture that practice homosexuality? How can believers respond to the universalism sweeping the Church today? What should we do if we are being mocked by our co-workers? Are there good resources available for teenagers who want to grow in the faith? These are just a few of the questions up for discussion. So please check it out, this is truly one broadcast you won't want to miss!

Show Notes:

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