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Feb 22, 2015

Join me as i announce the release of our new daily online Bible prophecy news paper. We also take a look at two amazing prophetic visions from 1968 and 1973.


Show notes:


New Online Newspaper - "Omega Frequency: The Daily Signal."

Astonishing 1968 Prophecy by 90-Year-Old Woman

David Wilkerson - The Vision...

Feb 8, 2015

On this week’s episode we discuss: the spurious statements made by President Obama at the Washington Prayer Breakfast, the mass die off of sea life, and religious deception. We continue our study in The Book of Revelation.Then we finish by looking at the zeal that is burning in Yeshua’s heart for His Church!


Feb 1, 2015

 On this special episode we look back upon “International Holocaust Remembrance Day” by examining the methods and philosophies behind Hitler’s rise to power. Are these methods and philosophies still being practiced today? Are the followers of Lucifer waitingfor the Antichrist to be revealed so the Fourth Reich can...