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Aug 31, 2021

In Episode 110 I interview Dr. Leighton Flowers about Soteriology, and how a distorted view of God’s sovereignty can lead to many unbiblical beliefs and actions. You can find links to Dr. Flowers’ resources at his website, and his YouTube channel, Soteriology 101.  

Show Notes:

The Faithful...

Aug 17, 2021

In Episode 109 I interview Dr. Judd Burton about the origin and significance of the Apocrypha. You can find links to Dr. Burton’s classes on the Apocrypha and other important subject matters at his websites, and 

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The Faithful Podcast with Stephanie Baker - 

Aug 3, 2021

In Episode 108 I discuss a rather unfortunate comment made by Mark Driscoll several years ago about some of his hearers being matchsticks. I then examine writings of Martin Luther and John Calvin that could have contributed to Mark’s thought process. Finally, I examine how the idea of unconditional election played...