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Oct 11, 2015

Last week’s episode addressed the doctrine of the secrete pre-tribulation rapture, how it originated, who introduced this doctrine, and what the Bible says about the timing of Yeshua’s return. This week’s episode will look at why the Church will be present during the tribulation and why God would allow His Church to endure it. Could the real key to understanding the rapture be found in the context of the Church’s mission and not just timing alone? Could Yeshua have a very real purpose and assignment for the Church during the tribulation…a purpose that only His Body can fulfill? This episode will be a spirited discussion of the Church’s end times prophetic destiny! This vision of hope and mission will hopefully ignite a renewed desire to fulfill the great commission. 

Show notes:

Episode 43 - The Gospel Truth About the Rapture With Pastor Joe Schimmel

A short audio teaching on the timing of the rapture