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Aug 28, 2016

On this episode I’m joined by Pastor Phil Baker. He recently wrote an amazing 12 part series on the subject of Biblical grace, hyper grace, and how the misuse of grace fulfills end times prophecy. Most importantly, he covers how God’s true grace can empower you to grow in your faith and finish your race strong! We are going to cover some of these topics and shed some light on this important subject. Along the way we’ll answer such questions as: What role does grace play in repentance? Are all of our sins forgiven when we get saved? Why do we need to ask for forgiveness when we sin? Is it Biblical to say that because of God’s grace, when God sees Christians, He sees them through the lens of the blood of Jesus? We’ll also talk about Joseph Prince’s teaching on hyper grace and “Mother Grace”. So grab a tasty beverage and join us as we dive deep into God’s Word!

Show notes:

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