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Oct 16, 2016

Our last episode answered questions about how and when Christ would return. This episode seeks to answer the question of what we should do to prepare our lives for that prophetic hour. Helping me sort through this issue is Justen Faull who is the host of The Fourth Watch Radio Network. Make no mistake, it will take spiritually maturity if we are to endure a spiritually trying time. What does Jesus define as spiritual maturity? How can we grow in faith and grace? How can we fortify our hearts, and if we make our heart a spiritual bunker, what spiritual rations should we place inside it? What are some practical things we can do right now to prepare for future impractical times? What role does the fear of God play in our lives, and could it actually bring us supernatural peace in times where people would naturally be afraid? What is the one item you must have in your spiritual “go bag”? These are just some of things we will discuss. We will also listen to some rather interesting “prophecies and predictions” that where made last year in September that where supposed to be fulfilled before this October episode aired. We will discuss how to Biblically distinguish if a prediction or prophecy is from the Lord, or just a person’s own insight or information. We will examine what weight we should give to these words verses the weight we should assign to Christ’s words. If Christ word’s are to be trusted, trying times are coming. We will need the eyes of faith to “see” beyond what our physical eyes can see so that we can trust the promises of God. Justen will share with us a simple and effective way to build our faith in the promises of God today.

Show notes:

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