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Dec 11, 2016

Join Pastor Phil Baker and BDK for part two of Omega Frequency’s listener-directed Q&A podcast on the subject of prayer! Last week we answered questions on the basics of prayer, now we dive deep into the spiritual aspects of prayer and intercession. We begin by discussing how one can be more effective as a spiritual warrior when they pray. We also answer questions such as: what is the armor of God? How can we Biblically apply the armor when we pray? What is intercession? How can we intercede for a culture given to idolatry? What role does prayer and fasting play in intercession? When praying for deliverance, how do we denounce every stronghold that has a generational or territorial means of attachment? How do we truly pray for our enemies as Christ commanded? Is praying for God to remove and judge the wicked Biblical? How can we effectively pray for a loved one who is being spiritually deceived? What does it mean to pray in the Spirit? What did Jesus mean when He said "watch and pray”? These are just a few of the questions up for discussion! 

Show notes:

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