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Jan 30, 2017

This episode asks the question is witchcraft being practiced within some churches today? To help me answer this question I’m joined by Kelli Pierce. She was a former high priestess in a pagan witchcraft coven. She has been greatly troubled by some of the recent practices and even some of the best selling books in Christian bookstores. Why? Because when she looks at some of these extra- Biblical practices and teachings she sees very little difference between them and the rituals she used to practice! Now this episode isn’t a Biblical “witch hunt”, instead it is a rational look at what witchcraft really is Biblically. When we understand what the Bible says witchcraft is, we will then be able to examine some of these extra- Biblical practices and teachings to see if they are scriptural. Kelli is very passionate about exposing the dark side of spirituality so that people aren’t deceived by the things that once deceived her. Her passion and heart to see the darkness dispelled really shines through in this episode.

Show notes:

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