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May 29, 2017

This episode features the fourth lesson in Bride Bootcamp. Bride Bootcamp is a series of monthly teaching lessons from a Spirit filled viewpoint. Our mission: equip the Remnant Bride of Christ in this prophetic hour! We are currently studying Christ’s mission for His Body of Believers. We as His Remnant Bride are commissioned to proclaim the Gospel, but we are in a conflict with Satan and self. In previous lessons we have been looking at the various ways Satan tries to stop us from completing this commission. We have looked at the role of Calvary and the Resurrection in this conflict. In lesson four we will look at the power of Pentecost that equipped the Church of Acts to become living witnesses through out the world. Those who God calls He equips. We have Heaven’s resources available to us in this conflict. But will we be more than conquers in this conflict of kinds? Join me and find out. This is one broadcast you won't want to miss!