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Oct 9, 2017

This episode features the seventh lesson in Bride Bootcamp. Bride Bootcamp is a series of monthly teaching lessons from a Spirit filled viewpoint. Our mission: equip the Remnant Bride of Christ in this prophetic hour! We are continuing our series on Spirit-filled discipleship. Last time we studied two of the Churches in the book of Revelation,The Church at Ephesus and Smyrna. These churches where an interesting case study of what it meant to be disciple and an early follower of Christ. In truth there was much we could apply to being a disciple today. When it comes to being a disciple, our first calling is dedication or faithfulness to our Lord. It means being vigilant and guarding our hearts and minds from the attacks of Satan. Imagine a church possibly living in the same area where the seat or throne of Satan was. What lessons could we learn from their successes and shortcomings as they strived to be faithful followers of Christ? Join me and find out!

Show Notes:

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Pergamon Altar

The Seat of Satan: Nazi Germany

Obama and the Pergamon Altar