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May 18, 2022

I’m joined by Laura who has an awesome Youtube Channel called Magical Mystery Church. We are doing a 2 part deep dive on her newest video called They Crept In Unawares-The Occult Infiltration Of The Church”.  In part 1 we examine this group of deceivers who come in Jesus name in Matthew 24. How is this prophecy of deception being fulfilled in conjunction with supernatural schools of ministries being planted around the world? Why do the NAR have a prophetic mandate to train a youth movement called Joel’s army? Why is the seven mountain mandate a cornerstone to their understanding of the great commission? Did it originate With Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham in 1975? Did it originate with the Latter Rain revivals in 1948? Or can we trace it back even further to a much darker Luciferian prophecy which lays out a demonic End-Times deception?Join Laura and me and find out!

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