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May 28, 2018

Episode 121 features The May ‘18 installment of our listener-directed Q&A podcast. Join Phil Baker, BDK and Kurt Lee as they answer your questions on a wide variety of Biblical topics. We open the virtual listener mail bag and cover such questions as: How do we begin a discipline of fasting? Is the Star of David a holy symbol or an occult sign? Will there be an end times “Christian thought police”? Does Jeremiah 23 give us a foreshadow of the religious deception of the last days? How can we reconcile nonviolence with events like the Waffle House shootings? Do the wars of the Old Testament contradict Jesus’ command to turn the other cheek? What can we do if we have trouble feeling the presence of The Holy Spirit in our lives? If a person denies God are they lost? How does repentance tie into restoration? At what point will God no longer use a person? These are just a few of the questions up for discussion. So please check it out, this is truly one broadcast you won't want to miss!

Show Notes:

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