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May 30, 2019

Hey frequency family! So May is coming to a close and I know I took an extra week off because my vacation with my wife ran little longer than we expected. So I owe y’all a little extra content I guess. I have been receiving a lot of questions from listeners lately about “does the Bible speak of Jesus in the Old Testament”? Is Jesus really The Angel Of The Lord? What purpose did Jesus serve in the Old Testament by becoming The Angel Of The Lord? Was Jesus still God in The Old Testament or was he a created angel like the rest of the Angels? If Jesus was The Angel of The Lord then how come the KJV says there was “the angel of the Lord” in the New Testament? If this new testament angel is appearing to Mary, Joseph, the Shepards, and even during the events of the resurrection how can The Angel of the Lord be Jesus? Most importantly, why is it important for us to know all of this? I have done two teachings on this subject. The first was The angel of the Lord in the old testament. This was a teaching with Justen Faull on the Fourth Watch. The second was The angel of the Lord in the new testament. I recorded this short teaching to answer a listener question on this subject but it was never published on an official podcast feed outside of just responding to a question. I hope you are blessed by this mini -teaching on this subject. Grace and peace.